The Project

Rural areas are a key pillar of the economy and present a number of opportunities for entrepreneurship development, however for people with disabilities limiting factors for the development of social entrepreneurship are the lack of practical knowledge and skills tailored to their needs, limited market knowledge and development techniques and business operations, as well as the lack of support.

The aim of the AGRI-ABILITY project is to promote the successful and competitive social entrepreneurship of people with disabilities in rural areas. For this purpose in the framework of the project: (1) the framework and opportunities for activity in the agricultural and agritourism sector will be analyzed, (2) workshops and field exercises will be carried out for the training and development of skills.

In particular, the participants will acquire theoretical and practical know-how for business development as well as the modification & use of specialized equipment, in ecology and management of agricultural systems with emphasis on the cultivation of floricultural, ornamental, aromatic and fruit plants as well as agricultural development and management. , and (3) create a digital incubator for education, networking and support with a social entrepreneurship toolkit in the agricultural and agritourism sector.

The AGRI-ABILITY project contributes significantly: (a) to the promotion of the smart, sustainable and inclusive economy of the new European Strategy EUROPE 2020, (b) to the implementation of the guidelines of the World Food Organization (FAO) for the promotion of SME employment and (c) the implementation of European and national priorities for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector.